Monday, May 29, 2006

Looking. But, No "Friendlies" In Sight.

I first ventured to start this blog (or "blawg," as I have been informed) in December of last year. I wanted to put links to several blogs that I though would give different perspectives on criminal law, politics, and other topics I was likely to cover. I did a lot of searching for other blogs written by prosecutors. I found a grand total of two prosecutor blogs after more than an hour of searching. Then, my case load and a new baby boy at home put this blog on the shelf.

I recently took the blog off the shelf and starting posting. I am still determined to put together a good list of links to other blogs. I set out researching again for more prosecutor blogs. My searching has now led me to a grand total of three prosecutor authored blogs and one which is not the real deal, but an imitator-commentator pretending to be a specific real prosecutor.

There are only two logical conclusions to be drawn from my research: I either suck at searching blogs on the internet or there really are no "friendlies" in sight. If we are to assume that I don't suck at blog searching (which is the route my ego would prefer I take), I am left pondering why there are no prosecutors out there blogging. I will give that some thought while I continue my quest. Any help would be . . . [considering that I am asking others to prove that I suck at blog searching] . . . much appreciated.


At June 08, 2006 8:14 AM, Anonymous Anonymous Me said...

While I don't do my own blog (I'm not that important, nor do I have anything all that interesting or important to say), I do read and post from time to time.

And I'm a prosecutor. Kansas.

Way to go. Keep it up.


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