Friday, June 30, 2006

A Pen Pal For Kimball Mason?

Thanks to Grits for Breakfast, via the wretched of the earth, I might have found a pen pal for former Idaho Falls City Prosecutor Kimball Mason. It seems a now-former district attorney in Texas, Richard James Roach, was sentenced on June 26 for charges related to methamphetamine. Apparently, part or all of Roach's source was the evidence collected in cases he was prosecuting. Sound familiar? At the time of sentencing on the state charges, Roach was already serving time on federal charges f0r a firearm violations. Roach now has 18 years to serve on the state charges.

State charges mean state prison. Texas prison, in fact. So, I wonder if Mason and Roach could just skip the pen pal stuff and put in joint requests to be bunk mates in Texas.


At July 03, 2006 7:00 AM, Blogger Moi said...

As a PD, unlimited access to evidence wasn't possible. Probably the only reason you rarely, if ever, hear of stories like this one re: PDs;)


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