Friday, June 02, 2006

Problems Ahead For Convicted Former Prosecutor?

Today police officers from the City of Idaho Falls Police Department executed a search warrant on the home of former City prosecutor Kimball Mason. The search warrant was sought after a yet-undisclosed source informed city police officials about the existance of firearms at Mason's home. Mason had previously indicated to investigators that law enforcement had recovered all the property that he had taken; the rest had been given away or discarded. The Idaho Falls Chief of Police stated that officers had recovered several firearms pursuant to the search warrant. Some of the guns that were recovered were among those Mason indicated were no longer in his possession. There were several other firearms that were found that law enforcement will now investigate to determine if they too were evidence illegally taken by Mason.

What does this mean for Mason? At least a couple of things. It could mean that the Court will relinquish its jurisdiction and Mason will serve out his prison term. In other words, Mason was sentenced to serve a fixed minimum 1 year to serve with the possibility of 4 years following that. The Court retained its ability, within the first 180 days, to suspend the sentence and place Mason on probation. That decision normally hinges on a defendant's performance and behavior while in the retained jurisdiction program at the prison facility in Cottonwood. However, this latest discovery contradicts Mason's assertion that he no longer had any of the illegally taken property. It could be (and I hope it is) devastating to his chances of having the court suspend the sentence and grant probation. What else could it mean? It also could mean that the Idaho Attorney General's office will move forward with filing additional charges based on the newly discovered evidence. Why would they do that? Because it shows that even after he was found out, Mason remained arrogant, unrepentant, greedy, etc., etc., etc. He's still pompous enough to think he can outsmart everyone and complete his caper. He is essentially taking a piss on Lady Justice's sandles. I hope she reacts by lifting her foot up, kicks him right where it hurts and drops him like a sack o' . . . uhm . . . potatoes.

News links:
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KPVI has posted the documents from the investigation on their web site.


At June 06, 2006 12:58 AM, Blogger Anonymous Law Student said...

Wow, this guy just never gives up. I hope that the local system starts playing hard ball with him now.


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